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Opening the Mind and Heart to Signs and Synchronicity

Send Me Your Sign Story

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Have you ever asked for a “sign” from heaven to help you figure out some life problem, or make a difficult decision?
Have you ever received what you believe is the sign you were asking for? Or did you ever get what you believe was a sign without asking for it?
If so…

• How was the sign received?
Was it clear to you that it was a sign, or did you begin to second-guess it?
Was it what you would have expected, or did the sign come in a completely unexpected way?
Did you act on it?
If yes, what kind of results did you have?
If no, did you later regret that you didn’t act on it?

I welcome input from people who have had the experience of asking for and receiving a sign, for possible inclusion in the book. If your story is accepted for inclusion in the book, a copy of the book will be sent to you upon publication.

Along with your story submission, kindly include your email address and phone #, so I can contact you if necessary, to clarify a point, ask a question, or correspond as necessary.
The author reserves the right to edit your story for length, spelling, clarity, etc. as necessary.
Please limit story to 500 words or less.

Please see 'Contact Eileen' tab to submit your story.