Modern Day Burning Bush
Opening the Mind and Heart to Signs and Synchronicity

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Modern Day Burning Bush

“The first Insight occurs when we become conscious of the coincidences in our lives.”
The Celestine Prophecy - by James Redfield

Moses had his burning bush on Mt. Horab. Our burning bush can be anywhere we are.

What Is A Sign?
Among the more obvious and well-known definitions of a ‘sign’ include “a notice publicly displayed for advertising purposes or for giving direction or warning.”
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary also includes the following in its list of definitions of a ‘sign’: Symbol; a gesture expressing a command, wish, or thought; omen, portent.
The subject of this book is the latter definition – omen, portent - for therein lies the intrigue of a ‘sign.’

It seems that people have always relied upon forces outside of ourselves to provide guidance and direction as we navigate our world. This guidance and direction has come to be known as ‘signs.’ From earliest recorded history, sages recorded the occurrence of signs, including the alignment of stars and planets in the sky, and their relevance to our lives. For some, this fascination with the celestial guidebook is a hobby; for some, it is their life’s roadmap. Others look for signs through the intercession of angels, dreams, the spirit world, hunches, and of course, God.

What Is Synchronicity?
Synchronicity, a term coined by Carl Jung (Swiss Psychologist) to indicate the perception of meaningful coincidences, is, by its very nature, a sign.
The odds of synchronicitous events just happening to take place without the instigation of a higher power are probably very high. But for the skeptic, the doubter, the unbeliever – there is always a way to ‘explain away’ the unexplainable, and they prefer to take that course of action rather than to bask in the glow of the everyday miracles occurring in their lives.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” Matt 7:7.

When my mother passed away I couldn’t bear the thought of never communicating with her again, never hearing her laugh, never seeing her smile. She had often told my siblings and I that when she was gone she would communicate with us through the lights. I can’t remember why she chose that modality of revealing herself (and I can’t understand why I never asked her why!) Maybe she felt it would be spooky and fun to haunt us for the rest of our lives (she had a great sense of humor). Nevertheless, whenever the lights in the kitchen chandelier blink I instinctively ask, “Mom?” I desperately want to hear from her, so I try to stay aware, so I don’t miss the little signs. After all, I’m asking for them.

Throughout our lives, most of us will anguish over the important and not-so-important decisions that crop up…decisions about jobs, marriage, moving to the next street or the next city or the next state…even about whether or not to attend a function or even what to wear. Somewhere along the way, we found ourselves adrift and alone, seemingly without an advisor or even a friend to ask for help – advice – a listening ear. So here we are, billions of people on this planet, but each of us alone. It is this constant state of alone-ness that, I believe, is the common denominator in our lives. We have support groups for everything: alcoholics, children of alcoholics, overeaters, survivors of abuse, war, disease, and people with phobias of every kind. The company of others experiencing the same difficulty is comforting and reassuring, making us feel that we can survive this problem/illness. By the very act of joining a support group we are acknowledging a need for help. So perhaps we need a support group for ‘aloners’ (not to be confused with ‘loners,’ that class of people who prefer the company of themselves) – a support group that EVERYONE is entitled to belong to; a recognizable silent scream for help; a way to remind each other that even though we’re alone, we’re ALL alone together.

Absent an Aloners Support Group, how else can we bear this life? Where do we go for help with our problems, answers to our unasked questions?
Well, how about if we ASK for help, or we ask the questions? I mean truly ask…God, the universe, the spirit world…
When God instructed us, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you,” I believe He was speaking to ALL of us in our alone-ness.
I don’t recall where it said, “…but only ask about BIG things, important things, and only ask once in awhile, when it’s really critical.” If we really believe that God is real, then we must believe He meant it when He told us to ask!
And then wait - and watch, listen, and be on the alert for the answers.